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Your own company news feed, key resources hub, direct and group chats + much more. Blink team communication has everything your employees need.

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"I'm not sure what we would have done without Blink. Fully engaging staff remotely and disseminating the vast amount of information regarding COVID-19 would have been impossible."

Operations Manager, Park’s of Hamilton

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Beautiful & Simple

Ready for your teams to use today.

  • Super easy to set-up & administer
  • Beautiful UX that is a pleasure to use
  • Simple for your teams to learn & use
  • Works seamlessly across mobile, desktop and web
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Blink Feed
Blink Feed

The easiest way to stay updated at work.

Blink gives every employee in your organization a highly personalized feed with a priority-first flow of information. When employees log in (which 81% do daily), they see actionable items, notifications, schedule changes, and to-dos. Frontline workers have exactly what they need to be productive.

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Team Directory

Find and connect with colleagues from around the organization.

matter how large or small your team is, Directory is the perfect way to ensure team members can find and stay in touch with each other. Profiles are the perfect place to find contact details, job and department information as well as things you have shared with each other on Blink.

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Team Directory
Blink Hub

Everything an employee needs to be effective at their job.

Your entire team can quickly access policies, procedures, and guides, tools and much more in one convenient place—resulting in a more engaged, more productive workforce.

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Secure Chat

Provide a more convenient, compliant alternative to public messaging apps.

  • Confidential messaging between employees and line managers
  • Employees often feel more comfortable with chat for personal issues
  • Secure Group chat for projects and initiatives
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Secure Chat
Blink Integrations

Blink seamlessly integrates with the tools and services that your team already use.

By bringing all your tools into one place you can now find everything using Blink search, receive updates via Blink Chats and receive and interact with updates directly from Blink Feed.

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Blink was created for businesses just like yours.

In this video, you will learn:

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  • tick How to take maximum advantage of Hub, the Feed, and Chat.

  • tick How to get started and onboard your team in no time.


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